Pharma Shopping

Pharma Shopping refers to the online purchase of prescription medications and non-prescription drugs (NPM) by consumers. Consumers can shop for medications at online drug stores that accept their insurance or at e-commerce websites operated by brick-and-mortar pharmacies that offer mail-order services.

The growth of pharma e-commerce has led to innovation that makes it easier for consumers and providers to access the drugs they need. Pharmacists and healthcare systems can benefit from the efficiencies of comprehensive pharmaceutical e-commerce platforms that enable transparent purchasing and pricing for both commercial and Medicare/Medicaid patients. These platforms can help reduce costs and improve the overall patient experience.

Online pharmacists can help consumers make smarter drug decisions by providing them with personalized medication lists, telehealth video visits with remote pharmacists and the ability to return unused prescriptions. In addition, online pharmacies can provide a higher level of customer service by eliminating the need to call in a prescription, drive or walk into a drugstore and wait in line.

Consumers who use online pharmacy services often cite convenience and price transparency as the top benefits. Other advantages include speed, access to a larger selection and privacy.

The popularity of e-commerce is likely to continue as people shift their spending from traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies. However, independent pharmacies remain the preferred option for many shoppers because they are more likely to be located close to home and are known for their friendly service. Moreover, these local chains are able to cater to the needs of high-touch consumers, who prefer more personalized experiences that can be difficult to replicate at larger retail chains.

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