Playstation 5 Games That Are Worth Your Time

With playstation 5 games being released so quickly, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of which titles are worth your time. Whether you’re a new owner of Sony’s latest console or simply curious, this article will take you through some of the most compelling games that are available to play on the system.

We’ve only included games that were developed specifically for PS5, or that have received a remaster or port that takes advantage of the platform’s capabilities. For the most part, that means we’re looking at titles that feature 4K visuals and 60 fps frame rates on compatible TVs.

Astro’s Playroom is an excellent pack-in game, not just because it’s free but also because it serves as a fitting showcase for the PlayStation’s next-gen capabilities. It’s a delightful 3D platformer that will have you spending countless hours exploring its varied environments, and it shows off the DualSense controller’s range of features in a fun, engaging way.

Hades and Returnal also highlight the power of the PlayStation 5. The former reworks developer Housemarque’s Bullet Hell approach to the roguelike genre, giving players the chance to experience its punishing difficulty and permadeath in a new context. While the latter takes players on an intergalactic journey that sees them battling hostile creatures in a harsh alien world.

Of course, you can play a lot of other great games on the PlayStation 5, including a massive collection of classics thanks to backwards compatibility. Upgraded for PS5, many of these games feature enhanced graphics and gameplay features, such as Dynamic Resistance that mimics the tension of interaction with in-game gear, or Responsive Vibrations that react to the environment around you. playstation 5 games

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