Power Dressing With a Bespoke Suit

When it comes to getting a suit made, there are several options available. The most luxurious of these options is the Bespoke suit, which brings a new meaning to power dressing.

Unlike off-the-rack or made-to-measure suits, a Bespoke suit is crafted entirely to the specifications of one client. It starts as a length of superfine cloth and ends as a suit that is designed, patterned, and cut exclusively for that individual.

The process begins with a meeting with a master tailor. At this meeting, the client will be shown multiple fabric bunches and asked to choose a fabric that fits their occasion or style preference. Once the fabric is chosen, a pattern will be drawn onto the cloth that will form the basis for the suit. At this stage, the suit is loosely stitched together with white basting thread for what is called a “basted fitting.”

Bespoke suits require multiple “basted” fittings to ensure that the garment fits perfectly in every way. These changes may include the height of the lapels, buttons, and vents, the size and placement of the pockets, and more. The tailor will also make notes and chalk marks on the fabric that will be used to guide the cutters when the suit is cut.

Bespoke tailors will use a fully canvassed and hand padded construction for their garments, which allows the suit to fit better on the body and stay together under normal wear. In contrast, many MTM suits are glued together instead of being sewn and hand padded, which can lead to gaps and a less flattering appearance. Bespoke suit

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