Pre Mixed Peptide Pens

Pre mixed peptide pens are kits with cartridges that have been filled with your chosen peptide (or a pre-mixed peptide) and come with a case, a dosage dial and single-use needle tips. These kits are easier, faster, and more accurate to use than using a vial and syringe. They also allow you to precisely set your doses and are a great option for those new to research peptides.

The first peptide therapeutic was insulin, produced more than 100 years ago, targeting diabetes mellitus. Today, peptide drugs are used to treat a wide range of conditions including migraine, cancer, depression, dry eye syndrome and growth disorder.

One such peptide is BPC-157, also known as the body protection compound. This peptide promotes wound healing, reduces inflammation and protects the nervous system, including the brain. It also helps to lower potassium levels in the blood, which can be life threatening if they are too high.

We recently showed that PEN, an abundant neuropeptide involved in feeding regulation, binds and activates G protein-coupled receptors in the hypothalamus and hippocampus, including Gaq in the hypothalamus and Gai in the hippocampus. Moreover, we found that PEN colocalizes with GPR171, another peptide from proSAAS that binds the neuropeptide bigLEN and has similar effects on feeding and energy metabolism (5).

The results from our study show that mPEN significantly inhibited spontaneous excitatory postsynaptic current sEPSC amplitudes in PVN neurons and increased inter-sEPSC intervals, and it triggered mitogen-activated protein kinases 1 and 2 (ERK1/2) phosphorylation in Neuro2A cells within 5 min of treatment, and the effect was desensitized by 30 min.

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