Professional Photos For Your Dating Profile

If you’re looking to get serious with online dating then you need high quality photos to stand out from all the mediocre pictures. A professional photographer knows how to pose, light and edit your photos for maximum impact. They will also help you feel comfortable in front of the camera so that you can be more natural. And they can help you choose the best outfits and locations to show off your features in a flattering way. They can even coach you on how to present yourself in your profile bio and photo captions. All of these elements add up to a complete dating strategy that will increase your chances of finding the right match for you.

Studies show that profiles with professionally taken photos receive more likes and messages than those with selfies. And when you look at the 85% of profiles on dating sites that are selfies or poorly lit, low quality snaps taken by friends, it’s clear that investing in professional photos for your online dating profile is an easy way to give yourself a huge advantage.

The single most important thing that will make or break your success on a dating app is your profile pictures. 80% of the time, viewers will stop and look at your picture before they read your bio or swipe left or right.

Your first picture should be a head and shoulders portrait that is brightly lit to highlight your face. And the second should be a full body shot of you in your favorite outfit. A third picture could be a bonus photo of you doing something fun, or a creative image that shows off your personality or passions.

People respond better when they can see the left side of your face because it’s naturally more attractive than the right, and it’s a great idea to smile in your headshot. It’s best to smile genuinely rather than in a forced flirtatious or sexy way. If you’re a woman, you should try to look directly into the camera rather than smiling at someone behind you.

A good profile photo should be crisp with no pixelation so that your potential matches can clearly see the details of your face and body. For the most impact, your professional dating photographer will also ensure that all of your images are the same size and have a consistent color palette.

In a world of catfish (people who create fake profiles and steal other people’s pictures) and poor lighting, a professional dating photographer will take the time to capture your best self. That’s why it’s worth the extra investment to hire a specialist.

Lucy’s nearly twenty years of experience as a portrait photographer means that she understands exactly how to photograph her clients so that they look their absolute best. She will use tried and tested techniques to help you feel relaxed in front of the camera so that you can let your true personality shine through. Professional photos for dating profile

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