Reasons Airline Tickets to Egypt Sell Like Hot Cakes

Egypt is one of the most populated countries of the Arabic world and grabs limelight due to its ancient civilization and splendid variety of attractions. For explorers, Egypt is a truly an ecstasy as it is laden with charms and delights that portray its historical magnificence. Listed below are the top four must-visit attractions in Egypt.

Pyramids of Giza

The pyramids of Giza stay on the top of the itinerary of the tourists who book airline tickets to Egypt. These pyramids are the outcome of the efforts of generations of kings. The place signifies ancient civilization and history of Egypt and features mummies of many legendary kings and queens. Moreover, Giza Pyramids are home to hundreds of “mastaba” formations – the ultimate resting places for the relations and major court employees of the ancient Pharaohs.

Islamic Cairo

Millions of tourists book air tickets to Cairo to relish the beautiful lures of the place. Out of all, the most prominent one is the Khan el Khalili Bazaar. This bazaar was a mere caravanserai in 14th century and used to be the largest accommodation for the caravans. As the time passed, this place turned into a vivacious bazaar exhibiting goods like ornaments, copper and brass items, woodwork, odd Pharaonic goodies, carpets, fabrics, glassware and spices.

Cairo air tickets booking also stay in demand because of the Saladin’s Fortress built by Salah El Din. This fort was originally constructed with an aim of shielding the city from invasion but was later transformed into the dwelling of sultans. The fort offers stunning bird’s eye views of the Islamic Cairo and provides spectacular views of the Mohamed Ali Mosque, police museum and Al Gawhara palace.

Temples of Luxor

King Ramesses II and King Amenhotep III built the temples of Luxor. This temple was constructed exclusively with the aim of being the heart of city’s most celebrated event – the Festival of Opet. The wonderful structure of these marvellous temples is remarkable and tempts many to visit this divine palace. The 25m obelisk at the entrance of the temple looks incredible. Moreover, the Colossi of Ramses located within the complex depicts the life and traditions of the glorious past of this charismatic country.

Temple of Karnak

Renowned with the name of Ipet-isut among ancient Egyptians, the Temple of Karnak was built in honour of the Theben triad of Amon, Mut and Khonsu. This temple appears as an ancient city stretched up to 200 acres of land. The temple is considered by many as the mother of all religious buildings and has been a place of pilgrimage for thousands of years. The inscriptions engraved on the walls of the temple assist the visitors in understanding the history behind the structures. Emirates Flight Booking

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