Redken Extreme Shampoo – Do it Gently

Who doesn’t want soft, nourished and strong hair? It has been seen that a huge number of women spends their major part of time in hair caring. But still doesn’t find any guaranteed success. The market is overflowing with several hair treatment products which assure to do magic. However, most of them fail to give even satisfactory results. At the end it becomes nothing but a complete wastage of money. The search for the perfect product ended when Redken Extreme Shampoo got launched in the market. It is not less than a revolution in the market of hair care products. In just short span of time, the product has crossed all the levels of popularity.


Provides Strength- Redken Extreme Shampoo comprises protein which provides strength from inside. It makes the roots strong which in turn reduces hairfall. Protein plays an important role in giving a healthy looking hair. This is one of the crucial reasons behind the success of the product.

Fortify the cuticles: Ceramide present in the shampoo fortifies the cuticles effectively. It provides the required moisture to the cuticles so that the new hair becomes healthy.

Protect from damages: The product is gentle yet it works as a strong safeguard all over the head. It protects the hair from several natural and chemical damages. This factor helps to avoid frizz and split ends. The chemical reaction caused due to several elements takes away the shine and strength from the hair. The product helps to give a new life to the hair.

Make the hair manageable: Redken Extreme Shampoo works effectively for providing smooth and manageable hair. The main element is that the shampoo does it all without making the hair heavy.

Provide complete cleanliness gently: The product provides complete cleanliness without destroying the natural moisture of the hair. It thoroughly spreads all over the hair and cleans every strand gently.


The product is very easy to use. Just make the hair wet. Take some amount of the shampoo according to the length and density of the hair. Spread it all over the palms and gently massage the hair. Rinse it off well after keeping it for few minutes. Applying the Redken conditioner can give magical results just after first wash. redken acidic bonding concentrate

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