Riyadh Sorters for Faster Fulfillment and Reduced Turnaround Times

Sorters are a vital element in the workflow of any warehouse. They help you manage and sort incoming goods efficiently and accurately for faster fulfilment and reduced turnaround times. Sorting systems are also used to separate goods and parcels from different conveyor lines into their respective destinations based on their unique characteristics.

This is why companies around the world are deploying high-end Sortation Solutions from GreyOrangeTM to meet demand. With the festive season of Diwali and the world’s biggest ecommerce event – Singles Day – on 11 November, logistics operators are gearing up for spikes in volumes. This will put a strain on existing infrastructure, and a robust Sortation System will help them handle the surge and sustain growth into the future.

A leading FMCG company in India recently deployed a GreyOrangeTM solution for its warehouse in Mumbai, which handles multiple categories including leading household brands. With the deployment of a high-end Linear Sorter, the FMCG company will now be able to manage peak order volumes and deliver customer satisfaction with faster fulfillment and delivery times.

In Saudi Arabia, Waste Collection and Recycling Company (WASCO) has launched phase two of its innovative waste sorting facility in Al Ahsa. The facility uses advanced optical sorting to dramatically improve recycling yields. The technology used in the new facility adheres to environmental best practices and also complies with strict hygienic standards. مفرزنات الرياض

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