Telephone Headsets and Amplifiers

Telephone headsets free your hands during a call so you can work on paperwork, consult with co-workers or pull files without worrying about being on the phone. This helps you to keep your focus on the caller and potentially increases your productivity. Headsets also decrease the strain on your neck, shoulder and upper back that can develop from cradling a telephone receiver between your ear and neck during long calls. According to a Santa Clara Valley Medical study, this type of tension can cause aches and pains over time.

Many headsets come with an amplifier that plugs into your telephone. The amplifier provides volume controls for both the speaker and microphone, compatibility settings for your specific phone and a mute button. Amplifiers require AA batteries and will typically beep during a call when the batteries are getting low, which means it is important to keep a supply of fresh batteries on hand.

Some headsets are sold without an amplifier and are plugged directly into the earpiece of your office telephone. Using a headset this way will limit your audio quality and volume, and may cause the person on the other end to experience a voice that is too low or too high in tone for comfort. An amplifier is the most desirable option for headsets because it allows you to control the sound quality based on your preferences and the callers you talk with regularly. The amplifier will also provide you with a mute switch, audio circuitry that enhances your voice and noise canceling technology for superior sound quality on every call. telephone headsets

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