The Benefits of a Scara Robot

A scara robot is a type of articulated robot arm that is a good choice for applications requiring a high level of precision. It has a unique geometry that makes it rigid in the vertical (Z) direction but compliant in the other two directions, making it ideal for assembly tasks such as screw driving or linear dispensing. This combination of rigidity and flexibility, along with a high level of repeatability, make it a suitable choice for many industrial applications.

SCARA robots have a cylindrical work envelope, meaning they can lift parts straight up and away from the work surface in a vertical motion without tilting. This allows them to work in confined spaces that other types of robots may not be able to reach. This feature also makes them well-suited for handling flat parts that are oriented on the same plane such as flat panels or containers of liquids.

Other robot types can do these tasks as well, but a SCARA typically works faster than other robots, especially when handling smaller parts. This is because a SCARA has only one axis that needs to lift and place a part, while other types have multiple axes that need to move to manipulate the part. This speed advantage is important in high-production applications where the time saved is significant.

The rigidity of a SCARA robot comes from the fact that all the joints are at the end of the arm, which means they are less flexible than cartesian systems, in which the joints are spread farther apart. This also makes them more prone to vibration and resonance.

These factors can be mitigated by choosing a high-quality robot from a trusted manufacturer that has been designed to reduce these effects. By doing this, the manufacturer can ensure that the robot meets or exceeds industry standards for performance and durability.

Another benefit of a SCARA robot is its excellent repeatability, which is achieved by having only two motors contributing to the X-Y position. This is in contrast to other robot types, which have three or more motors contributing to the X-Y positioning, which increases the potential for error.

This accuracy is critical for applications that require precise movements, such as inserting connectors into circuit boards or transferring parts to small holes in injection molds. It is also helpful when assembling or dispensing items in a factory where the tolerances are extremely tight – often to within several microns.

A scara robot is an affordable option for applications that need to be done quickly and at a high level of precision. It is the right choice for a wide range of industries such as automotive, electronics and aerospace. It can be used in a variety of tasks, including assembly, dispensing and spray-painting. In addition, it is a good choice for applications that require precision when handling large and bulky products such as automotive components or pharmaceuticals. This is because it is able to handle such products with the required force and speed needed to prevent product damage or human injury.

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