The Benefits of Selecting a Fire Pump Manufacturer

Fire pumps are a critical part of many building’s fire and life safety systems. They must provide the necessary flow and pressure for the system to operate as required by code, inspections and testing. The manufacturer, installer, building owner, local fire marshal, and fire protection provider should all be involved in the pump selection and installation process to ensure that the final system meets all code requirements and is compliant with NFPA 20, NFPA 25 “Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems” and the local fire marshal’s rules and regulations.

There are a variety of types and styles of fire pumps available from UL Listed and FM Approved fire pump manufacturer, each with their own benefits. Some offer a more compact and easily maintained design while others offer higher rated flows and pressures. All can be powered by electric or diesel drives.

Jockey pumps are designed to be mounted on fire trucks or other vehicle platforms. They are available in a wide range of power, head and capacity combinations with an assortment of options for hydraulics, electrical, controls, baseplates and accessories. UL Listed and FM Approved, these units are engineered for reliability and longevity.

For use in high-pressure foam or water mist systems, nozzles must be capable of tracking water availability and operating at rated nozzle pressure and flow. This information is typically displayed on a gauge located in front of the nozzle itself and communicated to the nozzle operator through the smart SAM Water Control System.

SAM’s smart nozzle technology allows the firetruck nozzle operator unprecedented information and control over the operation of the hose line and the nozzle itself. It is a game changer that allows the firefighter to operate at the highest possible efficiency, while tracking water supply and operating at rated nozzle pressure and head.

KSB has been an industry leader in the manufacture of fire suppression equipment since the mid 1913’s. KSB’s world-class manufacturing facilities, in-house foundries and state of the art research labs allow for unparalleled quality assurance. KSB also offers a full lineup of pump packages based on the requirements of NFPA 20 and NFPA 25, as well as a complete range of spare parts, components and accessories.

KSB’s UL/FM Listed Aurora and Fairbanks Nijhuis fire pumps are engineered for reliability, longevity, and ease of maintenance. They are built to exceed evolving industry standards, including the latest NFPA codes and requirements. They are manufactured using high-quality materials, and are backed by extensive service, training and support. They are used for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, including fire suppression, oil & gas, chemical plant, and power generation services.

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