The Blossoms by the Park

The blossoms by the park range from deep magenta to pale pink to crisp white, and they’re a must-see during spring. But with this year’s warm winter, they’re blooming much earlier than usual! Luckily, Central Park Conservancy has created an interactive map to help you track in real-time where the cherry blossoms have peaked.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Located in Brooklyn, this lovely garden is always a pleasant destination, but during the spring it becomes especially colorful. The flamboyant pink of the cherry blossoms is sure to attract plenty of visitors, but there’s also plenty to discover inside the grounds. With a pond, water fowl, picnic tables, and a wide range of activities, this is the perfect place to spend a day exploring with friends or family.

Riverside Park

Across the river from Manhattan, this charming park is home to a number of notable landmarks and some of NYC’s most beautiful flowers. Its Central Park Lake is a prime spot to snap a scenic photo of cherry trees, and the Great Lawn makes for a stunning backdrop to the city skyline.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

One of the most popular and Instagrammable places in the country, Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a gorgeous and historic public space in the heart of Brooklyn’s bustling Lower East Side neighborhood. The gardens are home to more than a dozen different types of blossoms, and the ephemeral flowers change day by day in the spring.

Yoshino Cherry Trees

The special variety of cherry blossoms found in Yoshino Park is incredibly delicate. These trees are a gift from the Japanese government, and have been cultivated here since the 1850s. The earliest-blooming Yoshino trees in the park typically bloom around mid-March, but they can also extend their bloom period until late April depending on weather conditions.

Bow Bridge

This pedestrian bridge is a perennial favorite amongst New Yorkers. It’s an easy walk from the east or west sides of the Reservoir, and there are a number of cherry trees along the walkway that blossom each spring.

Bow Bridge is a beautiful place to take in the scenery and get some great photos. Its cherry blossoms are a welcome sight after a long winter and are sure to give you that perfect spring mood.

The park’s tulip display is also breathtaking, so make sure to check it out while you’re in the area!

Riverside Park

Located on the Upper West Side, Riverside Park is another gorgeous park that’s worth checking out during the spring. It’s full of flowering plants and trees, plus it’s close to some of the city’s best restaurants, cafes, and breweries.

Mount Baker Park to Seward Park

Featuring a lakeside paved walking path lined with cherry blossom trees, this popular spot is the perfect location for a casual stroll and to catch the sun setting over the lake. The park’s other attractions include playgrounds, dog runs, an exercise area, and more.

UW Quad and Cherry Blossom Trail

As the University of Washington’s quad area begins to bloom, a short trail will lead you to one of the most beautiful displays of cherry blossoms in the whole country. The UW Quad is one of the most popular spots in town to catch this special time of the year, but there are several other locations that feature some stunning displays of cherry blossoms as well.

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