The Differences Between Coffee Cups and Mugs

Coffee is a beloved drink for many of us and it is often served in either a cup or mug. However, not everyone knows that the type of vessel used to serve your coffee can affect its flavour and mouthfeel. Interestingly enough, there is even a specific kind of coffee cup designed for each different type of coffee in order to bring out its best characteristics. This article will talk about the differences between cups and mugs, their capacities, and how to know whether you’re holding a true coffee cup or not.

The most obvious difference between a coffee cup and a mug is that a coffee cup usually has a handle, whereas a mug does not. A cup is also generally thinner than a mug and can be made of ceramic, glass, or other materials. Cups are often daintier than their mug brethren and are typically a little shorter in height. They also tend to have a wider top and brim, while mugs are usually taller with a narrower bottom.

A cup’s capacity can also differ depending on its size. A large cup at a popular coffee shop will hold 6 oz, while a medium is about 10 oz and a small is about 3 oz. There are a few other sizes as well, including demitasse, which is about 2 oz and usually comes with a spoon to stir your coffee or add sugar.

Despite their thin design, coffee cups are also quite durable and sturdy. This is because the material is thicker and can resist cracking or breaking. A mug, on the other hand, is not as strong and may break more easily. Mugs are also not as heat-resistant as cups, so if you want to keep your coffee warm for longer, it’s best to choose a cup.

According to the website, Taste of Home, it’s important to use the right cup for your coffee in order to enjoy it fully. For example, if you’re drinking cappuccino from a mug, it may not be able to retain the espresso’s temperature and will start to lose its texture and flavor. If you’re using a teacup for your coffee, it’s likely not a proper container since most teacups are too shallow to properly contain hot liquids.

In addition to the type of cup you use, it is also important to remember that the shape can have a significant impact on your coffee experience. A 2018 study published in the Journal of Food Quality and Preference analyzed how the different shapes of coffee cups influenced their aroma and flavor. It was found that coffee served in tulip-shaped cups (mugs with sloped sides) had a more intense aroma and was preferred by both experts and amateurs. This is attributed to the larger headspace in these types of cups, which helps to amplify the scent and aroma of your coffee. For this reason, it’s recommended that you try your next cup of coffee in a tulip-shaped mug.

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