The Thailand Privilege Card Program

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a luxury lifestyle, explore new cultures, or simply take in the beauty of Thailand’s nature and cuisine, there are countless reasons to live there. In fact, some people even choose to make it their permanent home thanks to its affordable cost of living and hospitable culture. The new Thailand Privilege card program is now open to foreign nationals looking to experience this luxurious lifestyle, which comes with many benefits across categories such as accommodations, travel, leisure, health, personal finances, and well-being.

As part of the Thailand Privilege card program, there are three different cards on offer, with each providing a different level of privileges. The most elite is the Reserve Card, which costs a whopping $5,000,000 and lets you stay in Thailand for 20 years. This card includes access to many luxury accommodations, yacht trips, supercar test drives, and more. It also provides access to top-notch medical care and annual health checkups, as well as exclusive discounts on golf, spa services, fitness centers, restaurants, shopping malls, duty-free, hospitals, and more.

Next is the Diamond Card, which is a bit less expensive at $2,000,000 and lets you stay in Thailand for 15 years. This card includes a host of benefits such as a private chef at your home, visits to aquariums, Muay Thai experiences, movie tickets, and more. It also comes with a wealth advisor and special insurance products. It is the most popular choice among members.

The Gold Card is the third card and comes in at a much more reasonable $500,000, which is good for five years in Thailand. It also includes a wide range of perks, including priority reservations at renowned hotels and restaurants and free short-haul transfer services. It also gets you 35 privilege points per year.

There are plenty of long-term visa options for Thailand, but most of them have age, financial, or education requirements and require renewals at regular intervals. The Elite Ultimate Privilege visa bypasses these, giving you a chance to make Thailand your permanent home.

Unlike other Thailand visas, the Elite Privilege Access visa is ideal for singles, remote workers, retirees, or entrepreneurs who are ready for change and think long-term. This is because the visa does not require that you have a certain income or a bank account in Thailand, and there are no interview or renewal requirements.

If you’re interested in applying for this unique and exciting visa, the best option is to work with one of Thai Elite’s registered agents. They can assist you with the entire process, from start to finish. They’ll handle your application while you’re in Thailand or from your home country, and provide one-on-one service throughout the entire process. The agent will advise you on what you need to submit, as well as help you with any notary or investment advice you may require. They will also be your point of contact with the immigration office, taking you to the VIP passport lane and handling everything else for you. Thailand privilege

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