The YouTube Website Should Be Your Marketing Weapon of Choice

Chances are at this point in the game you will more than likely never hear anyone say “What is this YouTube Website all about?” It has become a household name for sure. But you still could easily hear “How can I use that YouTube Website to promote my business?” And there in lies the problem for most internet marketers.

You see most people still do not view YouTube as a web 2.0 website. (Social Media Website) It still comes across as just a site that you can watch really funny or inspirational videos on. Very few people have any clue as to how to use YouTube to build there business.

So I am going to share with you a little bit about what I know and hopefully it can help you understand the process of video marketing a little bit better.

The first thing to keep in mind is YouTube should be approached the same way you would approach Facebook or Twitter. You should always be providing valuable content and interacting with other successful YouTube marketers. Social sites are all about interaction and creating name recognition. So get out there watch some videos, leave some “positive” comments, (never be negative) and rate their video accordingly. Whether you give them a 5 star rating or 4 star. Just get out and start interacting within the YouTube Website community.

Start subscribing to peoples lists and leaving comments on their personal sites. When leaving a comment, ask them to check out what you have going and let you know what they think of your videos as well. When others do this for you they become a part of your list. And any good marketer knows that “The money is essentially in the list.”

When it comes to the actual posting of your videos and providing the description make sure you always start out your description with http:// Followed by the description. If you leave this step out then there is no clickable link to have the viewer click on to take them to your personal website.

It also eliminates any chance of establishing quality backlinks to your site. And when it comes to SEO quality backlinks should never be neglected when at all possible. And last but not least just make sure that your videos provide the viewer with value. It is completely pointless to spend all that time and energy to bring them to your personal YouTube Website and provide the visitor with “spam” and nothing that they feel they can now personally use and apply in their lives.

This is so critical in Social Networking. Once you have a bad name it is hard to get back. Eventually you can do it, but why not do it right the first time. So spend some time getting use to that “YouTube Website” and apply these basic principals and you will start to see a major difference in your websites overall performance very quickly. youtube comments

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