Top 10 Best Refrigerant Charging Scales

Refrigerant scales are an important tool for HVAC Technicians. They help them accurately measure the weight of refrigerant tanks during recovery and charging. They also come in handy for measuring the weight of other parts of the system. The Elitech refrigerant weight scale is a great choice for HVAC technicians. It has a durable construction and can handle most popular tank sizes. It also offers three different measurement modes – kilograms, pounds, and ounces. 1. F2C Refrigerant Scale If you’re looking for a durable HVAC refrigerant scale that produces accurate readings, then look no further than the F2C Refrigerant Scale. This scale has a slip resistant platform and is capable of handling all types of refrigerant cylinders. It also features a backlight and three display modes. This digital scale is a must-have for any HVAC technician. It will help you charge your customers accurately and keep track of the amount of refrigerant used in each job. 2. Vivohome Refrigerant Scale Whether you are charging a system or recovering refrigerant, a scale is an essential tool to have. It provides precise measurements that make the task a lot easier and efficient. This refrigerant scale from Vivohome offers several features that can be highly useful for HVAC professionals. It also comes with a hard carrying case that can help in keeping the weighing scale and its LCD display safe while being transported to different places. 3. Zeny Refrigerant Scale Zeny Refrigerant Scale is a high-quality refrigerant scale with a portable design and multiple features. It has a large LCD display and is easy to read. It also has a durable carrying case that protects it from damage while transporting. This scale is ideal for weighing the contents of refrigerant tanks or cylinders. It is also capable of converting between units. The scale is equipped with an automatic shut-off if not used for 10 minutes and has a built-in battery level indicator. 4. Mastercool 98210 Mastercool 98210 is the most advanced refrigerant charging scale on the market. It has a large rugged platform that handles up to 243 lbs of capacity and enables HVAC technicians to accurately weigh their refrigerant tanks. Its extra-large LCD display allows for easy reading from any angle and has three display modes (kgs, lbs, oz). It also offers a pulse/charge function using the 98230 Charging Solenoid Module that stores data to make repeat charges easier. It is Bluetooth wireless and connects to the free Mastercool Connect app enabling full mobility as activity can be viewed on all compatible hand-held smart devices. 5. Kozyvacu Electronic Refrigerant Scale Designed to aid charging and recovery operations, this digital HVAC scale is durable and compact. It is compatible with all types of refrigerant cylinder tanks and can provide accurate readings in three different modes. It has the ruggedness needed for the HVAC field with thick aluminum walls to maintain accuracy and rubber feet and rubber pad to soften the impact of daily use. It can also be powered by a rechargeable battery and comes with an instruction manual. 6. Robinair Refrigerant Scale This refrigerant scale from Robinair offers decent build quality and a good warranty along with a hard cover carrying case that is great for taking it on the go. It also comes with a decent weight limit of 220 pounds which is good enough for most applications. The best way to know how much refrigerant is in your tank is to use a weighing scale. It will tell you the exact number, and this information can be very useful while adding the refrigerant or during recovery. 7. Elitech Air Conditioning Electronic Refrigerant Scale This HVAC refrigerant scale benefits any technician who needs to charge or recover large amounts of refrigerant. It is easy to use and provides accurate readings. It also has a slip-resistant platform and can handle different types of refrigerant tanks. It has a large LCD display and three weight metrics. It also features an on/off button and a unit switch. It also has a backlight and is waterproof. 8. Mastercool 98210 Refrigerant Scale If you are looking for a high-quality electronic refrigerant charging scale, the Mastercool 98210 is a great option. It has a large platform and high capacity of up to 243 lbs (110 kgs). It also features an extra-large LCD display and three display modes. The large base is made of aluminum and has a non-slip surface to provide extra durability on the job site. It is also wireless and connects to the Mastercool app via Bluetooth, which allows for full mobility as measurements can be viewed on compatible hand-held smart devices. 9. Kozyvacu Electronic Refrigerant Scale Designed to help in refrigerant charging and recovery processes, this HVAC scale comes with a sturdy case for carrying it around. It has a large LCD to know the readings and operates on a battery. This scale is a reliable choice for refrigeration professionals. It is ideal for weighing all types of refrigerant tanks and provides accurate measurements in both kg and lb. It runs on a 9V voltage and has a sleek design. Top 10 best refrigerant charging scales

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