TOP AND BEST Anti-theft apps for ios / 2019

Last update : July 2019

Avira Mobile Security for iOS

 Avira Mobile Security for iOS
Avira Mobile Security for iOS

Avira Mobile Security is a tool that helps you recover a lost or stolen phone and informs you of the dangers of email capture.

As part of one free account, the Avira system can protect up to 5 mobile devices. As with competing services, the location of the smartphone can be seen on the map. The smartphone can also be found by launching a sound signal from the Avira Dashboard program.

In addition, Avira Mobile Security scans the address book stored on the device, and informs you if there is information about the takeover or leakage of data from each email address. From the application you can notify your friends about this fact.

In addition, the application provides basic information about the device, such as occupied memory, free space for user data or updates. You can also get access to the Avira Answers community from here, where answers to frequently asked technical questions appear.

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Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS

Bitdefender Mobile Security for IOS
Bitdefender Mobile Security for IOS

Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS is a single application, containing an anti-theft module and a security monitor, informing about possible data leaks. Everything can be controlled from the same account as other programs from this manufacturer.

The Bitdefender anti-theft module has its own information panel that allows remote location, lock and cleaning of the iPhone. Thanks to this, you can be sure that everything that has been saved in the device will be inaccessible to third parties if the device is lost.

In addition, the application allows you to find out if accounts in various services related to the e-mail addresses provided have been compromised in some way – for example by a service provider’s data leak. The application will inform you if it’s time to change your password.

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Prey Anti Theft for iOS

Prey Anti Theft for iOS
Prey Anti Theft for iOS

Prey is the official mobile application of the service that is to protect our devices against theft. Thanks to it, you can track their location and, for example, send a message, or trigger an alarm.

The Prey application, if it has an Internet connection, discreetly informs about the current location of the phone or tablet based on GPS or triangulation with WiFi. Unfortunately, unlike the Android version, we can not block the stolen device remotely.

If you suspect that you just lost your device, you can turn on a loud sound even if your smartphone has been muted. In addition, on-demand notifications can be displayed on the screen.

The service provider guarantees that all location data and sensitive information are collected only at the express request of the user and only the owner of the device has access to them. The application is open source, so anyone interested can check what they are doing exactly.

The Prey application is free. You can use it with a free or paid account in the Prey service. Paid accounts allow you to track more devices, as well as remotely wipe data from the device. There are also plans to recover files from a distance.

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