Utility Payment Solution

Utility services like electricity, gas, water and refuse are a necessity. They make life more comfortable and allow people to work productively and efficiently. However, access to these services is conditional upon timely payments by customers. A utility payment solution that enables the automation of these recurring payments is a game changer.

An ideal utility payment solution provides a unified customer experience through multiple channels and offers various digital payment methods including online, mobile apps, texting, SMS, and direct debit. It must also enable monetization through vouchers, loyalty points, discounts, and rewards.

PCI compliant utility payment solutions are a must as they process sensitive data from residents in exchange for utilities such as electricity, gas and water. With recent high profile cyberattacks in the media, residents expect that their payment details are protected.

A utility payment solution is an integrated platform that handles all aspects of a service contract from connection and meter reading to billing, payments and reports. It must support all types of prepaid or postpaid utility charges including fixed and variable rates, usage-based costs, and split meter readings with or without cost distribution.

A good utility payment solution enables a quick and easy online payment experience, and can be configured to accept all major credit and debit cards. It should also support recurring payments via ACH. It should also offer a self-serve website where customers can manage their own accounts, and a secure phone payment system that is available 24 hours a day without the need for an operator to take the call. utility payment solution

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