Vestra at UnCommons – The Next Generation of Smart Home Technology

Developed by Matter Real Estate Group, Vestra at UnCommons combines the finest modern design with the latest smart home technology, creating a stylish and sustainable living community that residents can enjoy for years to come.

Brandon Doyle, a second-generation real estate professional with RE/MAX Results in Minneapolis, Minnesota, says that Matter is the most promising development in smart home tech since Alexa came on the scene. “It’s a unified connectivity platform that provides pipes and language for smart home devices to talk to one another,” he explains. “That will mean that a homeowner won’t have to worry about what brand of device or app works with the products in their home.”

Matter is built on top of existing IP technologies, like Wi-Fi and Thread (an IP- and mesh-based protocol). The smart home devices use those protocols to communicate with each other and then transfer data over the Internet, which is necessary for cloud-based services, like voice control and device monitoring.

But the majority of communication between smart home devices should happen locally, using Thread. That’s the big selling point of Matter: It promises to make the smart home more reliable and secure by reducing dependence on the Internet, which can be susceptible to hacks or outages.

Smart home brands that support Matter will be able to build the tech into their new products, but it can also be added via updates to existing devices. For example, existing smart speakers and digital displays from the likes of Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung SmartThings and others will likely become Matter controllers with a simple software update. matter residences

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