Voice Actor Training

Whether you’ve spent your childhood mimicking teachers or creating voices for imaginary friends, or are a professional actor, you know that success in voice acting relies not just on your inborn talent but also on a suite of learnable skills. From navigating the voice over industry to running your own home studio, these skills are essential to establishing yourself as a viable professional and booking gigs.

For those looking to get started with Voice actor training the best place to start is by finding a coach that offers consultation sessions. These can be conducted over the phone or through online video-conferencing platforms like Skype, Google Meet or Facetime. During these sessions, the coach can listen to your performance and provide feedback that is specific to your unique voice, style and needs. They should also be able to help you develop your scripts for your demo reel and guide you through the process of seeking gigs.

Additionally, a good coach will understand that it’s not just your voice that matters but how well you act with it. It is this that makes the difference between an okay performance and a goosebump-inducing showstopper. They should be able to teach you how to read the script and deliver your lines with emotion and nuance, as well as give tips on staying healthy in this profession. They will also encourage you to audition as often as possible and advise you on what types of jobs are right for you based on your skill set.

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