What is _HOWDO_text.html? Should I delete it?

Why do I see the _HOWDO_text.html file on my computer?

If you see the file _HOWDO_text.html on your computer then you probably could have been infected by serious infections. The file belongs to one of the most dangerous applications – ODIN virus, which appears on the computer mainly to encrypt the data. By going back in time we should talk about whether there really are malicious applications. Generally speaking, these are applications that can get into your computer with the help of Trojans, exploits or spam. The software was created to scan the system as well as external disks that could be connected to the computer, the program tries to locate files with known extensions, as soon as it succeeds, it encrypts them through a sophisticated code. Authors of this type of viruses most often ask them for huge money due to the recovery of files. These types of requests are reflected in the list of documents created by authors of malicious applications in every folder affected by malware infection. For this reason, in most cases such documents contain additional files with notes.

In addition to the file _HOWDO_text.html, the ODIN virus leaves 2 files more- _5_HOWDO_text.html and _HOWDO_text.bmp. In this type of documents, criminals show users a brief overview of what can happen to their computers and how it can be effectively avoided. Victims are asked to send hundreds of dollars to an anonymous account in Bitcoin currency. In addition, each infected victim will receive a unique identifier and an email address under which you can ask for help. Although the notes are not themselves malicious (the executable ODIN file is responsible for encryption), they generate serious problems. Therefore, you should delete the _HOWDO_text.html file from your computer as soon as possible. Otherwise, even such inconspicuous files can help the main application regenerate and infect your files in the future. To make sure your system is completely clean, please run a proven antivirus program to completely scan your computer.

How do hackers distribute these types of files?

_HOWDO_text.html is a file of an automatically generated file right after the ODIN virus has infiltrated the computer and encrypted your files. The file is not distributed by itself. If the file should appear on your computer, then you will be infected with the ODIN virus before. As already mentioned, you can accidentally download this virus through a Trojan horse or other malicious files. The virus may additionally constitute an attachment to the e-mail message or camouflage itself as a word file, pdf file or a dropbox link. You should not download unknown files and applications. Even if you receive a link from the source that you trust, you should always scan the file with antivirus software, just in case. Never too much caution.

Remove the _HOWDO_text.html software and the ODIN virus:

If you see the _HOWDO_text.html software on your computer, do not panic. Just go to Safe Mode, scan your computer with a proven antivirus software as soon as possible.