What is abDocsDllLoader.exe? Should I delete it?

What is the file abDocsDllLoader.exe?

abDocsDllLoader.exe is an executable file. The author of this software is Acer Incorporated. It is a component of abDocs, an application that allows the user to access recently used Word, Powerpoint or Excel files. With the help of the abDocs software you have access to files used within the last 30 days.

abDocsDllLoader.exe, whose default location is C: \ Program Files, can run when the system starts. Although this is an executable file, it does not necessarily have to be present in your system, but it looks like it is not a dangerous file because it comes from a proven source. Although the process remembers your mouse clicks, it does not use this information for its purposes. This is a legitimate file, however, antivirus programs have classified it as a threat.

How can you install abDocsDllLoader.exe?

As we have already said, abDocsDllLoader.exe is part of abDocs and can be installed with it. The file is safe, but note that sometimes cybercriminals tend to give secure names for malicious files and if you install abDocs from a dangerous source then you can end up with a malicious version of the abDocsDllLoader.exe file on your computer. Therefore, if you want to install the original and verified abDocs file, do not look for a link to download this software on suspicious websites. You can find its original version on the Acer website or in the iTunes store.

How to effectively remove abDocsDllLoader.exe?

You can uninstall the software and abDocs the same way you can uninstall other programs. However, as soon as you download this software abDocsDllLoader.exe you can notice the slowdown of your system, annoying pop-up ads or other problems, you may find that you are infected with malware, and you have not downloaded the real abDocs software. Then you should scan your computer with the help of a good anti-malware software to detect all malicious components and remove them safely from your computer.