What is BabMaint.exe? Should I delete it?

BabMaint.exe (also known as asbabmaint.x or redirect.js) is widely known as an executable file that is linked to malicious browser add-ons that are known to take control of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers, as well as others browsers. The most dangerous program is delta-homes.com. You should definitely avoid it as soon as it starts to interrupt your redirects to unknown pages, and also generate malicious pop-up ads overflowing with malicious links. the activity may apply to all browsers present in your system.

Unfortunately, delta-homes.com with its redirects is not the most dangerous thing. Much worse are the browser worms, which are capable of tracking the user and collecting data about him in the form of the most visited websites, data entered on pages and the like. In addition, the program is capable of capturing information such as email address, location of your computer, IP address and so on. If you do not want to reveal this type of information, you should remove the BabMaint.exe software from your computer.

In addition, it appears that this program can be used by other browser worms such as Babylon toolbar, 22find virus [22find virus] and mixidj.delta-search.com [mixidj.delta-search.com]. These types of programs are known to be browser worms and to perform unwanted activities, so you should avoid them and it is best to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you can end up with suspicious websites appearing on your computer, which will be filled with a lot of suspicious content.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior is still not limited. The only thing that sounds promising is that more and more anti-spyware programs add this program to your virus list. If you would like to make sure you also just check whether your computer has the BabMaint.exe software installed, you should scan it with a good antivirus.