What is deltaEng.dll? Should I delete it?

deltaEng.dll is a terrible program that belongs to Montera Technologies LTD. This program looks like a typical .dll file, but the beginning of its name should give you to understand what kind of virus you are dealing with. Please do not leave deltaEng.dll on your computer because we managed to determine that this is an extremely serious threat for your computer that works with delta-homes.com software.

The program has been qualified by us as a browser worm and potential unwanted program for several fundamental reasons. First of all, due to its dissemination methods – Delta homes can quite easily penetrate your computer without your permission due to fairly active promotion using the bundling method. In addition, our security experts have also discovered that the program wants to change the computer’s settings and leave the system in addition to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Safari and others. At the end it is worth to say that the program can change the search results that may be overpowered by malicious content such as suspicious links.

Despite this, it looks like the deltaEng.dll program showing in your system can also generate pollution of your computer Delta Toolbar software, Babylon Toolbar, Montera toolbar and other malicious applications that can generate problems on your computer like delta-homes.com. The program is most often located in the folder, C: \ Program Files’ if you notice unwanted changes there, remove them from your system as soon as possible.