What is DNSLockington.exe? Should I delete it?

What should you know about the DNSLockington.exe file?

DNSLockington.exe is one of the DNS Unlocker components. DNS Unlocker is a known computer virus that is able to create and also display annoying advertisements every time a user browses the internet. Therefore, DNSLockington.exe is a software that tires the user with annoying ads. At first glance, it looks like DNS UNlocker is a friendly program that can help the user in saving money, compare prices, and offer other useful services when making online purchases. Unfortunately, these types of ads are created in such a way that the user is redirected to a specific website promoted by the author of the software. Needless to say, computer users are quite often bored, especially when it comes to redirections, this is the reason why they are starting to look for information regarding where these ads come from and how to fight them.

You should never click on ads from DNSLockington.exe because they can lead you to dangerous sites that may be filled with malicious software. Beware of the fact that these websites usually look reliably – they can encourage you to install recommended content. You should stay away from ads with posts like “Brought to you by …” “” Ads by … “or” Powered by … “because they are mostly derivatives of adware. As already mentioned, clicking on this type of advertising can lead to suspicious internet resources, and as a result you can get additional viruses on your computer.

How can DNSLockington.exe penetrate my computer?

Most often, DNSLockington.exe can penetrate the user’s computer through its carefree software installations. This process can lead to the installation of various types of unnecessary software on your computer that will move in software packages. Unauthorized computer users can get infected with additional software using the standard installation option or general installation, our computer protection experts recommend that you avoid this type of software, it is best to uncheck them during the installation process. Users should therefore use the option of user installation or advanced installation – they should deselect any unknown, unnecessary applications that you want to install with the software you are looking for.

Users should also consider suspicious emails from unknown software authors. We recommend that you do not open this type of emails at all; they can present suspicious links and provide infected attachments that can infect your computer with adware or other potentially unwanted software.

What should I do if the DNSLockington.exe process is already running on my computer?

As mentioned above, DNSLockington.exe is a complicated software and all you have to do is have the skills to remove it from your computer, or use an antivirus program that will remove this virus for you.