What is HPNotify.exe? Should I delete it?

What does the HPNotify.exe process do?

HPNotify.exe is a computer virus that is associated with various types of browser worms. This file is also known as SearchProtect, which spreads with it. The process may also take the name SupHPNot.exe. The program starts with the start of the system, its purpose is to camouflage the browser worm and prevent you from removing it.

HPNotify.exe is distributed along with a large number of browser worms such as MyStartSearch.com, WebsSearches.com, Omiga-Plus.com, Delta-Homes.com, Search.myway.com and other dangerous programs. Keep in mind that the HPNotify.exe process may not allow you to remove this browser worm or make any changes to its settings. For example, if you are infected with a browser worm, the program can replace your home page. Let’s say you do not want to keep this software as your homepage and remove it from this position. The next time you reset your computer, the page associated with this browser worm will continue to be your home page. You’ll probably ask why? This is the operation of the HPNotify.exe process

How do you avoid installing HPNotify.exe?

As we already said, the HPNotify.exe application spreads with the browser worms. Browsing resources are quite often distributed using the bundling technique, so if you want to avoid them you should monitor the entire software installation process every time you install something new on your computer. Unfortunately, you never know what kind of software will be installed (browser worms, adware and the like). If you want to know this, you should always use the advanced installation option or the user installation, and there you will have the opportunity to see all suggestions.

How to deal with the removal of this virus?

We do not recommend that you remove this process yourself – it may be hiding on your computer in random places. To make sure you remove this virus in the right way, it would be good if you use an automatic tool to delete this type of files, or a good antivirus program.