What is MRI621931010.js? Should I delete it?

What is MRI6219316107.js and What can it do?

If you see files with the JS extension on your computer, know that they are related to JavaScript files. These types of files contain JavaScript code that is capable of transferring instructions to websites. JavaScript can be responsible for a lot of different functions such as automatic change of date, opening linked pages in a new tab, substitution of images or text through a mouse roll and the like. JavaScript code can also be used to use widgets with various options. In addition, such files are often used by authors of various types of Trojan viruses and worms

The fact is that the MRI6219316107.js file is also associated with one of the more popular ransomware viruses, whose name is Locky virus. Our security experts have noted that it is able to infect Word documents, encrypted with the help of macros, which were previously used to spread Locky virus, which is now used to distribute JavaScript files. One can say that the decision was made based on the fact that such files are much easier to disseminate. Another aspect that was to encourage the authors of the software to distribute this type of files is the attempt to avoid detection through the antimalware system. Infected files are distributed through spam attachments in archived files. As soon as the ZIP file is opened, the virus begins to use the decompression function and then activates itself in the system. Quite interesting characteristic of this software is that the virus runs a process to check if the operating system on which you got it is not Russian. If this is confirmed, the virus will self-destruct, if not, the computer’s disk will be scanned and encrypted. Therefore, if you find the file MRI6219316107.js added to the email attachment received from an unknown recipient, it means that you should not open this file. If the virus is activated, your files will be encrypted. Due to the reasons mentioned above, you should remove MRI621913107.js.

How can I protect myself from this file so that it does not get into my computer?

The first thing you should do if you want to avoid the appearance of this software in your computer is to equip your computer with a proven antivirus program. This will certainly minimize the chances of downloading suspicious software and help you to protect your computer against threats. What more should you look at the virus with your own eye. You should remember that this type of infection usually comes from email attachments. So be careful before opening new emails and downloading the attachments in them.

How to delete MRI6219316107.js file from my computer?

The good news is that it is possible to delete the file MRI621913107.js. Despite this, if you have already opened the file then you should know that you are dealing with a much more complex problem than it looks like. The Locky virus could have encrypted your files, so it may turn out that there will be no effective way to recover files without paying for a key. Therefore, removing this file should not be your priority, you should have thought about killing this virus. You can do this by using popular and updated antivirus software.