What is Omigaplussvc.exe? Should I delete it?

Omigaplussvc.exe is the name of the file that can appear in your task manager. If you have noticed it as one of the working processes, you should be careful because this is a sign of the presence of malicious software on your system. Most often this is due to the appearance of an executable file in the vicinity of other types of problems while browsing. This is due to the fact that Omigaplussv.exe similar to omiga-plus.exe and omigaplus.exe is quite closely related to the Omiga Plus browser worm [Omiga Plus], which is similar to isearch.omiga-plus.com [isearch.omiga-plus .com], Omiga-plus.com [Omiga-plus.com], and the Searches.omiga-plus.com virus [Searches.omiga-plus.com].

Omigaplussvc.exe is a malicious software, however, it can not do any serious damage. Despite this, the software was qualified as a potentially unwanted program and permanently became a browser worm. The program can not be treated as an individual threat due to the large number of cooperating programs. Therefore, it is best for you if you notice the presence of Omigaplussvc.exe remove this software from the system. In addition, we highly recommend that you check your computer with a proven antivirus software and remove the browser worms that are responsible for activating this file. Actually, at the moment there are 3 different search engines that are 100% safe, they are Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Despite this, there are hundreds of search engines such as Omiga Plus that are also available on the market. However, this type of search engine is mainly focused on generating profit using suspicious marketing strategies, such as changing search results, displaying sponsored websites, user redirection, user tracking as well as dissemination of other potentially unwanted programs. Therefore, we do not recommend using this type of application. If you want your computer to be safe from any dangerous programs, do not cooperate with foreign software, delete applications such as Oigaplussvc.exe as well as all files related to this browser worm.

As you probably already know, browser worms quite often spread in packages. To protect your computer, you should reserve more time to install programs such as file download managers, PDF file creators, and video audio players. When recommending to our security experts, we recommend using the advanced installation option or user installation to avoid installing additional plugins on your computer by unchecking them in the installation process. For this reason, you should always de-consent to Omiga Plus installations or not use the option to change your home page. If this browser worm penetrates your computer, we highly recommend you to scan your computer with the help of antivirus software.