What is OMNIBOX.EXE? Should I delete it?

General information about OMNIBOX.EXE:

OMNIBOX.EXE is a suspicious software that is associated with SuperNet Technology Limited. The program is compatible with Windows. Please note that the program is highly untrusted, it can penetrate into your computer without your permission. We know that the latest version of the software is OMNIBOX.EXE The program is associated with the Omniboxes.com browser worm. This suspicious search engine is quite widely distributed on users’ computers since it was created and since then we have received quite a few complaints about the Omniboxes.com virus

OMNIBOX.EXE is a file that automatically turns on when you start the system. It is known that the program generates various types of changes in the system and sets the OmniBoxes website as a homepage. So if you have noticed that all of your browsers have started showing Omniboxes.com as your default page, then you should know that OMNIBOX.EXE is running on your system. This program can generate a variety of problems on your computer so you should ignore its presence and delete it as soon as possible.

How to avoid OMNIBOX.EXE redirections:

OMNIBOX is an executable file that is a form of potentially unwanted software. It is known that the program is distributed via unfavorable dissemination methods called bundling. In order to avoid installation of this type of software, you should behave quite carefully when installing freeware software. The main rule of avoiding this type of software is careful use of websites – you should always download the software from their official websites and from verified sources. What’s more, we highly recommend you installing free software using the advanced installation option or the user installation and then deselect the unwanted elements.

Removing this suspicious software from the system:

If you have noticed any suspicious changes and suddenly the appearance of the OmniBoxes.com software on your browser’s home page, the new tab page, as well as the appearance of the search engine which has been your default search engine, this means that OMNIBOX.EXE used a number of changes on your computer. We do not recommend holding this type of software on your computer and we do not recommend searching for data using this tool, because you can go to suspicious sites.