What is Osiris.dll? Should I delete it?

What is the Osiris.dll file really like?

Osiris.dll is heavily related to Osiris ransomware. The virus belongs to the Locky group of programs. Its latest versions are .aesir, .zzzzz. This time, the authors of the software were looking for inspiration to create in the mythology of Egypt, hence the name of this threat – Osiris virus. Following the tradition associated with previous versions of this software, the current version is designed to generate user’s user-friendliness through .dll files, which allow for a lot, but these are system files. They allow communication between applications. What’s more, they take far less space than usual files with the extension .exe. As in other cases, downloading such a file only strengthens the position of malicious software. Let us slowly go through the process of such malicious software to understand how to protect it from its appearance on your computer in the most efficient way possible

How does this threat work?

Comparing this program with other programs, Locky is spreading at an alarming rate. The main strength of the software is based on the use of the AES encryption algorithm or RSA with the help of numerical operations. Similarly, decoding files is almost fun. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the current version of the software is extremely difficult to remove. It is worth knowing that the current version of the application requires more efficiency to remove than other malware. It should be known that .dll files allow communication with several programs at the same time. The Osiris software starts working when the macro is turned on in VBA. This threat tries to get into your computer via email. Due to the relationship with numerous domains, the amount of spam is getting out of control. Note that some spam messages may contain Osiris software.

When the software has successfully penetrated into your computer, the .dll file is downloaded. Interestingly, the downloaded content does not have the extension .dll, but .spe. To end the mission of removing malware the program uses the file Rundll32.exe which is related to the Windows operating system. What’s more, after the download, other Locky virus files are downloaded. As soon as the process is completed, the malware starts looking for potentially important files to encrypt.

Getting rid of Osiris virus and the osiris.dll file

Ransomware is bad news for users and average internet users. The Osiris virus attack can have a long-lasting effect on your online activity. You can effectively remove this threat by scanning your computer with a good antivirus program. When you mention .dll files, you can always delete them manually. However, you will not be able to remove them completely. Note that removing Osiris virus does not guarantee you to decode all files.