What is Problem.437332391.js? Should I delete it?

What should I know about the Problem.437332391.js file?

Problem.437332391.js is a file that belongs to a group of JavaScript scripts that is used to execute instructions on various types of pages. Web developers quite often use JavaScript for a variety of purposes, including automatically changing the format of dates, opening a page in a new tab, changing images or texts while scrolling the mouse and other functions. Due to the wide use of JavaScript, it has gained quite a lot of popularity and is additionally widely used by authors of various potentially unwanted programs, worms and viruses.

Problem.437332391.js is a file associated with a quite aggressive and easily spreading virus: Locky. Javascript has introduced new standards for the distribution of this type of virus. The program starts the journey as a Word file that contains custom data. This word document has been protected by a Macro script that allows it to activate the virus.

The transition to the dissemination method related to JavaScript is rather a predictable step of the Locky software authors. Such files are smaller, faster and more effective, so anti-virus tools have more problems with detecting them. It is well known that due to the use of JavaScript software, Locky software is distributed even faster, the .js file, just like Word files move through spam messages and are activated together with other components packed in the zip format. Then the user’s system is scanned to check its originality, if it happens in the Russian Federation, the virus, regardless of the result of the scan, removes itself. If it does not go to a Russian computer, it starts the file encryption process. So if you are experiencing a problem with Problem.437332391.js then you should not unzip the ZIP archive for the sake of the script that will download your Locky virus to your computer. You should take your time to remove Problem.437332391.js from your computer before it’s too late! In addition to this, if you have already opened this file and your documents have been encrypted, you will have to face another task: to remove the Locky virus. We recommend that you use proven antivirus software.

How do you protect your computer against these types of files?

The best way is to manually remove the Problem.437332391.js file or, what’s better, avoiding downloading it on your computer. If you have already had contact with this file and you know how it is distributed, then you can imagine what to do to protect yourself. One of the precautionary steps may be prudence when opening new e-mails and what is important: not downloading any attached files if the sender looks suspicious. Another important step may be to use the proven antivirus software and remember about its current update

How to delete Problem.437332391.js from my computer?

You can certainly delete the Problem.437332391.js file manually, as long as you do not open it the virus will not be active. However, if it is activated it means to you that you should start worrying about removing Locky virus from your system. It may not be an easy task if you want to use the option to automatically delete files due to virus aggression and that it may block your anti-virus. Disconnecting your computer from the network can solve the problem. However, you may encounter other problems. We recommend installing a good antivirus that will automatically remove this malware.