What is Ruqyah?

Before performing the ruqyah it is important to know that only Allah gives shifa. If you feel nauseous or even vomit it is a good sign that the ruqyah is working and is taking away evil.

There are many different types of ruqyah. The best type is the one that is performed with a pious and righteous person.

  1. It is a supplication

Ruqyah is the recitation of verses from the Quran or Prophetic supplications in order to cure illnesses. It is also a way of increasing one’s Iman, strengthening their connection with Allah and reaffirming their tawhidic belief in Him.

The recitation of these surahs and ayat should be done with full concentration and conviction. It is important not to recite them in a state of major impurity or in a place where it is forbidden to perform ibadah. It is also important to not recite them with the intention of curing a person and that the cure comes from Allah.

It is also important to avoid using ayat that are known to be prohibited in ruqyah such as those about the jinn and the devils. Some ruqyah performers write these ayat on cloth, burn them and bring them close to the patient under the pretext that it will burn, kill or suffocate the jinn. This is a great sin and a clear deviation from the right healing procedures known since the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

  1. It is a cure

Ruqyah is a cure for both spiritual and physical illnesses. It is also a means to increase our Iman, build a strong connection with Allah and reaffirm our belief in His words. But before you embark on this journey, it is important to understand the rulings and conditions of Ruqyah.

You should only perform ruqyah with the right intention and belief. Some people misunderstand ruqyah and use it for evil purposes. They write ayats on a cloth and burn it. They then bring the cloth close to the patient under the pretext that it will kill or suffocate the jinn. This is against the rulings of Islam and is considered a major sin.

To benefit from ruqyah, we must recite the verses loudly and clearly with firm conviction. We must also make sincere istighfar and stay away from sins. We must also try to treat one another with kindness and restore the rights of those who have been wronged. We should also give sadaqah as it wards off calamity.

  1. It is a protection

Ruqyah is a protection against any spiritual or physical harm. It also helps us increase our taqwa and remembrance of Allah Almighty. There are various types of ruqyah that you can perform for your home and family. Some are short term measures while others are long-term. There are also certain forms of ruqyah that require more effort and provide greater protection.

There are many signs that can appear during and after performing ruqyah. These include drowsiness, dreams and nightmares. These are all symptoms of a good ruqyah and you should continue to perform it until the symptoms disappear.

Ruqyah can also be used to protect oneself from the evil eye and jealousy. It can be performed by blowing into a glass or jug of water. This method has been recommended by the Prophet, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, as a means of treating the evil eye. In addition, reciting the last three chapters of the Quran is Sunnah and is effective against evil eyes, magic and jinns.

  1. It is a remedy

Having been used by our beloved Prophet (saw) in his era, ruqyah is still effective today to treat the symptoms of the evil eye, possession by jinns, sihr and black magic. It consists of the recitation of Quranic verses, seeking refuge in Allah, dhikr and supplication.

Some people may feel nauseous after their first session of legal ruqyah, but this is a good sign that the evil has been banished. Insha Allah, you will soon feel a lot better.

You should recite the ayah of Al Kursi or Surat al-Falaq and Al-Nas on a regular basis in order to protect yourself from the evil eye and jealousy. You should also recite the Sunnah morning and evening Adhkar daily. This will strengthen your iman, taqwa and supplication to Allah. In addition, you should seek treatment from a doctor for any unexplainable illnesses. This is also recommended by our beloved Prophet (saw). He was never afraid of medical treatments and urged his followers to seek treatment when needed. quran ruqyah

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