What is utcsvc.exe? Should I delete it?

The utcsvc.exe process running in the Task Manager can hide a computer infection

Utcsvc.exe is an executable file that can run different applications on a Windows computer. The file belongs to a Microsoft corporation and can be used by some of the system’s processes. Most of the time, however, the file is considered potentially dangerous.

Based on data collected by VirusTotal, 12 of the main 55 antivirus means this file is malicious. Reports from Hybrid Analysys speak of even greater detection. What’s more, Ermisoft has detected over 100 files related to utcsvc.exe and marked as untrusted.

Undoubtedly, this file can cause unwanted activity on your computer. It looks like it can be used to distribute malware or Trojans. Currently, however, it is not known what threats this program may disseminate or initiate. The utcsvc.exe process may be able to perform the following actions:

  • run ransomware on your computer;
  • encrypt or delete files;
  • install spyware;
  • steal personal data, such as bank or credit card information, login details and other important information;
  • install other malicious programs;
  • open the back door for threats from the network.
  • So if you notice that your computer behaves strangely – for example, displays system errors, floods the browser with aggressive ads, or has lost the ability to open some files, you must open Task Manager and check the running processes. If you see utcsvc.exe, it may be responsible for these inconveniences.

Before you remove utcsvc.exe, you should, nevertheless, scan the application with the appropriate tools to make sure that the file is malicious. If the file does not do any damage and remove it, you can cause damage to your computer, the system and some applications.

Remember that to safely remove utcsvc.exe safely, you must obtain professional anti-malware software.

Disabling the utcsvc.exe process

Before disabling or removing this application, you need to check if it really is responsible for malicious malware in your computer. If you are 100% sure that it is dangerous – you should not delete it manually. If utcsvc.exe is marked as a malware element, it can be associated with many other elements that must be removed at the same time.

For this reason, we recommend using a professional antivirus to remove utcsvc.exe.