What to Expect From a Gas Boiler Service

A boiler service is an essential annual check-up that keeps your heating system in top condition. It helps prevent unexpected breakdowns in cold weather and can reduce your energy bills by ensuring that your boiler is running efficiently.

A Gas Safe registered engineer will carry out a boiler service and make sure that your gas boiler is safe to use. They’ll look for any minor problems that may have developed over time, and then clean and repair them to ensure that your boiler is working safely and effectively.

The first thing the engineer will do is a visual inspection of your boiler from outside, looking for any leaks and corrosive damage. They’ll also check that the flue pipe is correctly fitted and that there are no obstructions. The engineer will then remove the casing to check the main parts of the boiler, including the heat exchanger, burner, and spark probe.

They’ll then test your boiler for gas pressure, as a well-functioning boiler needs the right amount of gas to work properly. The engineer will also check that any safety devices like cut-off switches are working. These ensure that the gas supply to your boiler is shut off in an emergency, keeping you and your family safe.

They’ll also check that your pilot light is on and that it is showing a blue flame. If it’s yellow or orange, this could indicate a carbon monoxide leak, which is deadly and can cause flu-like symptoms in some people. gas boiler service

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