Wholesale Tungsten Carbide Rings

The wholesale tungsten carbide rings featured in this section are made from one of the strongest materials on earth, and are designed to last a lifetime. Tungsten is nearly 10 times harder than gold and is a highly durable metal that is also scratch resistant. These rings are perfect for men and women who want to wear a durable, stylish ring that will symbolize their commitment to each other forever.

Tungsten carbide is an alloy of tungsten and carbon, as well as other metals such as titanium and nickel. These other metals are often used to create an attractive appearance and increase the strength of the tungsten. The tungsten is sinter (melted and fused) with the carbon in a cemented carbide (CC) matrix. This material is abrasion resistant, withstands high temperatures, and maintains a sharp cutting edge longer than steel tools. It is commonly used in mining, including top hammer rock drill bits, downhole hammers, roller-cutters, long wall plough chisels, raiseboring reamers, and tunnel boring machines.

When purchasing wholesale tungsten carbide rings, it is important to check for the specific metals used in the ring to ensure you are receiving a quality product. Some retailers may sell their tungsten rings as simply tungsten, while others will specifically list them as tungsten carbide, which can lead to confusion for consumers. Buying a tungsten carbide ring that is not 100% tungsten can result in a weaker and less durable ring, so shoppers should always check for this information when making a purchase.

Wholesale tungsten rings are available in 6mm and 8mm sizes, as well as a variety of styles and designs. JC Love Jewelry offers a wide selection of trendy types of tungsten rings for men and women, including the popular tungsten carbide wedding bands that are perfect for weddings and engagements.

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